Friday, August 22, 2008

One more play date...

Yesterday was my last "working" day at the hospital. I was able to finally meet up with Rachel, the missionary from CC Costa Mesa, and spend a little more time with Anisoara, Dorina and Mia (3 of the amazing Christian "caregivers" on the genetic unit). It was such a joy to show Rachel ways in which she could stimulate development, especially for sweet Ioana. Please pray for Rachel as she adjusts to Oradea and as she works with the children. Also pray for her to find favor with the hospital staff to be able to take some of the children outside. I also had the great privilege to pray over each child, and then with the caregivers. Precious moments.

Just a quick update on some of the children: Anca is now walking by herself and becoming more confident in exploring her environment; Evelina continues to grow and may soon be able to have surgery for her cleft lip; and Soledad is rolling! Sadly, Levente is having more seizures, has less head control and thus is basically confined to his crib. I was able to hold him for about a half an hour and he even smiled! Please continue to pray for these beautiful children and for their wonderful caregivers.

Hannah's Heart

I had to include these 2 pictures of Alex and Anca enjoying this awesome play mat/convertible tunnel. It was purchased by Hannah, one of the youth from my church. Last year Hannah chose to use her birthday gift cards to buy toys and equipment for me to bring to Romania. Just another proof that we still have some amazing young people willing to look beyond themselves. Thank you Hannah!

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