Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chloe's Clothes

My little friend Chloe Stafford (she's 5 years old) has been donating her clothes to Romania since she was just a baby. Well, maybe her mom Bobbie started this tradition, but when Chloe Nae-Nae was only 2, she promptly and independently emptied her drawers and joyfully gave me clothes to take to "R-mania" (her cute way of saying Romania). This year I sent the clothes to Nicu and Silvana to give out in the gypsy villages. When I was visiting with Silvana, she shared some pictures of the children receiving the clothes and told me how appreciative the parents and children were, especially to receive tops and bottoms together! One of the favorite outfits was actually made by Chloe's mom. Thanks Chloe for sharing Jesus's love with the kids in Sacuieu!

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