Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 Day Countdown

Yes, it's true. In just 6 days I will be back on U.S. soil. Arizona specifically. This last month has been full of excitement, with lots of traveling and tons of pictures/stories to tell. So now I am finally sitting down (it's 11:00 pm Romania time) and trying to figure what to blog. I only have 2 days left in Oradea before heading over to Budapest to spend my last 3 days there in hopes of having some "decompression" time before coming home. Upon returning from Prague, I have been busy seeing kids, saying goodbye to families and dear friends, and trying to keep focused on what He has for me each day. Last Friday was my final day in Tinca. I then spent the weekend in Nojorid with the Dorog family, especially to have a few more days to play with Ipu. This week I had my last home visit with Cristina and returned to the Rehab Center to see Dora. Tomorrow I will be at the Children's Hospital to say goodbye to the kids and staff. I will also be providing a few hours of training for Rachel, a fellow Calvary Chapel missionary. I am nearly packed and am coming back with less than I came with- yea!

Julia and Cristina checking out their new bubbles

Michelle and Cristina "having a ball" during therapy

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