Wednesday, August 20, 2008

La Revedere Tinca Part 2: House 2

Alina and I pose in the last of the sunflowers

This past week I returned to Tinca to meet with Alina (the psychologist for Romanian Relief) and to do some final trainings on how to use the writing equipment with Viorel. Alina also helped me to explain to Viorel that I was leaving to go back to the U.S., but that I loved him very much and would not forget him. He is only 4, so I am not sure how much he "got", but I know it was important to try to explain. I am going to so miss my little guy. He is one amazing child and has captured my heart. Saying goodbye to Alina was also hard. We have become quite close and I will miss our brainstorming sessions, professional collaboration and most of all, our laughter!

Here are some pictures of the younger children in "House 2". Please continue to pray for these children and also for Alina and the other staff.

Maria is all smiles!

Viorel and his masterpiece

Dawn with Cristina (playing the harmonica) and Iasmina

Andrei and his lollipop. He is too cute!

Claudiu loves his frog puppet (with Silviu, house father)

Cristina with Lia (one of the workers)

Dorina enjoying her inghetata (ice cream)

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