Saturday, May 17, 2008


Much to the delight of the children, I have been spending both Monday and Tuesday nights in Tinca. No one was happier than Nicoleta, who promptly offered me her bed! After explaining to her that I have to sleep in the "up house" and not in the "down house", Nico decided I needed to at least tuck her into bed at night. These precious moments allow me to give Nico the individual attention she so craves, as well as the amazing opportunity to pray over her. Nicoleta, or as we fondly call her "Nico", is such a precious young lady who spent her first several years in a state orphanage before being rescued by Romanian Relief. It is pure joy to work with her! With the help of Alina (the psychologist)and Ciprian (the physical therapist), I decided to teach the older children to play kickball this past week. We thought it would be a good activity that addressed following directions, attention and motor planning. I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It was quite an experience as Nico and the others just couldn't grasp the concept of running the bases! Mass chaos! After over an hour of practice, I am happy to report Nico finally "got" the concept.

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