Friday, May 2, 2008

May 1st

Yesterday International Worker's Day (sort of like our Labor Day) was celebrated throughout Europe, including here in Romania. Nearly all the shops were closed and there was no bus service to Tinca, so it was a forced holiday (no complaints!). After not feeling well for nearly 2 weeks before finally agreeing to a week of antibiotics, I was able to do some work on Tuesday and Wednesday, but was looking forward to some rest on Thursday. Luci and Sorin invited me to go to Bratcuta, a little village in the mountains, where their families recently purchased a small weekend house. After a nearly 2 hour drive through some of the most beautiful, rustic scenery we were greeted by Sorin's parents and Luci's sister who had arrived on Wednesday. Breathing fresh mountain air and drinking pure water right from the spring, playing ball with Ipu, walking in the green, green woods...a great way to spend Labor Day! Of course the day would not be complete without partaking of the traditional foods: mititei/mici (grilled mince-meat rolls) eaten with bread and mustard; and miel (lamb) prepared in a ceaun(a large pot placed over a fire). Another memorable day!

This coming week, Alina (the psychologist in Tinca) and I are planning to complete Maria's evaluation and will then implement a sensory program. The house staff's understanding of autism is quite limited and their willingness to try "new things" is questionable, so any prayers would be appreciated. In addition, next Friday night is my first formal training session for the parents of children with autism (here in Oradea). Around 30-50 parents, as well as some professionals, including my new friend Jenny Lotter (a missionary/physical therapist serving here in Oradea), will be attending so please keep this training in your prayers as well.



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