Sunday, May 11, 2008

just a quick update...

I am headed out to Tinca in just a few minutes, but wanted to post an update before leaving. This past week, I held my first formal training session on sensory integration/techniques for children with autism. I had a great turnout (26 parents as well as a few teachers and psychologists) and the information was well received. From the pictures, I hope you can see how much fun we had! The parents each completed a sensory checklist, and from this information I am planning to prepare more child-specific training sessions. The other picture is of me and my new friend Olivia. Please be praying for her. She is a nurse at the children's hospital and was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is quite depressed and lacks any hope. Saturday night my former roommate, Annamaria, and I prayed over her. Pray that she will see that their IS HOPE!
In addition to my typical schedule in Tinca (at Romanian Relief) and in Oradea (at the rehab center), I am now seeing 4 additional children in their homes (in the evenings). Laura has autism, Andreea has Rett Syndrome, Cristina has Down Syndrome and Markus has CP-like symptoms. I will take pictures this week of each of them and post another update soon.

Pace (Peace)

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