Sunday, April 13, 2008


I decided each week I will highlight one of the chidren in Tinca with whom I am working. Viorel is a 4 year old little boy I have known since he was only 3 months old. I remember the first time Mia, one of the workers in the hospital, asked me to come look at him. He was so deformed, but you could tell he was so full of life! Viorel was born with arthrogryposis, a condition that affects his arms and legs. Thanks to Mia's love and diligence in continuing his therapy exercises, Viorel learned to sit by himself by the time he was a year old. Romanian Relief, the charity I am working with in Tinca, made the arrangements to have Viorel sent to England to have surgery on his legs. This enabled him to learn to walk! Now he not only walks, he runs! Viorel is a brilliant child and desperately wants to be independent with all his self-help skills (sorry for the therapy lingo). Alina (the psychologist), and I decided it would be best to start with his feeding skills. Thankfully, Christine was able to bring some foam, straps and velcro (supplies I can't get here) allowing me to make a adaptive spoon. As you can see from his smile, it was a great success!


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Sarah Eggum said...

This blog is a magnificent way for us to know your journey. What a professional site and the pictures are gorgeous! You have touched so many lives. You are a HERO!
Sarah Eggum