Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today Christine and I went to the Children's Hospital, primarily to see Levente- my little boy with hydrocephaly. I have known Leve since he was a small baby and he has so captured my heart! Jenny, a physical therapist/missionary here in Oradea, has been trying to develop a special seat to allow Leve to sit up (vs. spending all his time in lying in his crib). Jenny and I spoke last night and she asked if Christine and I could help modify the chair. Thanks to Christine's help and much patience, we were able to come up with an effective solution! Within minutes of finishing, Levente's mother showed up. Leve's mother is a young gypsy woman and has 2 other children. She comes to visit Leve from time to time, but never really interacts with him, I think due to her fear of hurting him. The family's understanding of Levente's condition is quite limited, and today she asked me whay they can't drain the water out of his brain to make his head shrink. I tried my best to explain that this wasn't possible, but that we were trying to give him a greater quality of life. As we talked, I noticed her facial expressions as I played with and kissed Leve. She seemed so sad, so I encouraged her to not only look at Levente, but to touch him. It was a truly special moment to see her beginning to interact with her son.

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Hey Dawn!

Nice to read about how you're doing and the heartfelt stories. You're gettin' good at this posting thing!