Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am now settling into my “home-base” for the next several months. Sancraiu is a lovely little village about 2 hours from Oradea. Nicu thinks there are about 1000 families, but only 80 are ethnically Romanian. The majority are Hungarian as this area belonged to Hungary until the end of WWI. So my limited Hungarian is coming in useful, especially when greeting neighbors and reading signs.

Sancraiu is a quiet place, with 2 little markets (about the size of a Circle K) and a lot of “pensuines” (a type of rustic bed and breakfast). Since it is now autumn, many of the people are harvesting their plums, apples, corn and potatoes for winter. It is as common to see people with horse and wagons as it is to see people in cars. Somehow these 2 very diverse ways of life come together symbiotically. I have been taking long walks each day, becoming acquainted with the village. Each day I am amazed by His beauty through simplicity, especially as I get to experience the changing of seasons. For certain, nature cries out there is a Creator! Please pray for the people of Sancraiu, there are very few believers here.

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