Sunday, October 4, 2009

A little bit about Sacuieu and Calatele...

During this first week, I have been traveling to Sacuieu and Calatele with Nicu and Silvana, primarily beginning to establish relationships with the children and adults. It has been a joy to see some of the adults and children with whom I met 2 years ago. When I entered Sacuieu last Sunday, one of the first people I saw was Zorca and her mother Marioara. Zorca’s face lit up when she saw me as did mine! It has also been encouraging to see many lives changed in Calatele, especially Fery, Danut, Mircea and Baba Maria. They are all attending church faithfully and have truly impacted their homes. In Sacuieu, only a handful of adults have been coming to Nicu’s teachings; however, the children there are eager to hear bible stories from Silvana and to sing worship songs with Nicu. One great note of encouragement that I have seen in Sacuieu is Marioara’s decision to not “sell” her oldest daughter Mirela for marriage. Instead, she chose to give Mirela in marriage and trust God to provide for her and her family. This is completely opposite to gypsy mentality; however, God has not only blessed Marioara, but also Mirela’s relationship with her new husband. In a society where selling your 12 or 13 year old daughter into marriage is the “norm”, this is truly a testimony of living out your faith.

I have also started to help with children’s worship and hopefully soon (as my Romanian improves), I will be able to help Silvana more with children’s ministry. Church services are held on Sunday and Wednesday in Sacuieu and on Tuesday and Friday in Calatele. Neither village has a church building, thus we have been meeting outside. As winter approaches, this will become more difficult. A few families have graciously opened up their homes for use; however, because of tribal-like family dynamics, not all will attend if it is held at someone’s home. Please pray for us to have a place to meet on neutral territory. Please also pray that if God would have Nicu buy land and build a church in either or both villages, that he would make that clear and that He would provide the means. I also ask that you would pray for Nicu and Silvana for a new car. I am so thankful for the contribution my church has made, but please don’t stop praying! Their current car is literally falling apart, with Nicu making repairs nearly every day. If you are interested in assisting toward a car financially, please email me and I will give you more information.

As for using my therapy skills, Claudia, the little girl with cerebral palsy, is now living in another village. However, on my first night in Sacuieu, a woman named Tudorita came to Silvana in pain, reporting she was hit in the shoulder by a horse. I was able to evaluate her movement and pain to see if anything seemed broken. I am now working with her each time we go, providing range of motion and gentle stretching. She has been very appreciative and has been open to us praying for her. Last time we were there, they brought a 3 year old little girl (Iasmina) to me, asking me to look at her left foot as she has problems walking. Iasmina has very minimal ankle movement, so I will start working with her too. In addition, starting tomorrow (October 5th), I will be traveling each Monday to work with Ciprian in Cluj (a city about 1 ½ hrs from here). He is working at a special needs kindergarten and has asked me to work with him once a week.

Because a few people have asked me for my address here, I am enclosing it. Of course I would love to receive letters or cards, but you can also write letters of encouragement to Nicu and Silvana or to their children Leon (age 10) and Naomi (age 12). I know they would love it!

Nicu and Silvana Hagiu (Dawn Hoffman)
Sat Sancraiu NR 83
JUD Cluj
COD 407515


Marcos said...

Dawn, please email me the information regarding the contribution to the "car" fund.
We are still praying for you and your extended families - It is a blessing to see how the Lord is working in the remote areas, the children hospital, rehab center, and the orphanage. The pics are very moving. For me, as I saw them being baptized, the Holy Spirit continued to remind me of His: forgiveness, joy, comfort and security in Him, praises and honor to Him, and continued intercessory prayer for our brothers and sisters. I am requesting blessings upon their: protection (in health and in spirit), spiritual growth, trust and security in Him, pursuit in truth. Continuing to pray upon the needs of the ministry and its workers over there as well! "Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses." (1 Timothy 6:12) May the Lord continue to bless you! -Marcos

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