Friday, September 25, 2009

September Update

Greetings from Romania!

I arrived safely to Lucia and Sorin's on the 17th of September at 4:00 a.m. Lucia and I stayed up until 6:00 a.m. talking and catching up and then I decided to sleep for a "few hrs" thing I know, Lucia is knocking at the door, encouraging me to come eat dinner! So much for a productive first day:).

We (Lucia, Sorin and their 3 year old son Filip) spent my first weekend in Bratcuta at their cabin. Bratcuta is a little town in the mountains, about a 2 hr drive from Oradea. We had a lovely time hiking to the top of the mountain where we were rewarded with blackberries, apple, pear and walnut trees. I was able to see the promise of autumn as the trees were beginning to change colors.

Monday I came to Oradea to stay for the week. It has been a week full of visiting friends and working with Dora at the Rehab Center. I was able to work with several children from the orphanage...especially Erika, Sandor, Remus. It is so encouraging to see their progress, but even more beautiful to see how loved they are by Dora!

The highlight of the week was seeing Denisa and her family. She is nearly 7 already! Her brother Adam is 4 yrs old and is now able to talk. Lucia and Iuliu love the children so much and have given them a beautiful life. I am thankful to be a part of their family.

Tomorrow I leave for Sancraiu. Unfortunately, there is not a train on the weekends where I can manage my luggages (it only runs Monday through Friday) so Nicu is coming to pick me up. I am excited to begin my time with the Hagiu's and remain thankful for all your prayers and support!

By His Grace,


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LL said...

Happy you arrived safely and had a great first week! Thanks for keeping us posted.
Praying for you (specifics)!
Love and miss you, LL