Thursday, July 3, 2008

Basking in the Sunflowers

One of my favorite reasons to be in Romania in the month of July is because of the vibrant sunflower fields that I get to drive by every day on my way to Tinca. However, because I am riding on a bus, I have never had the opportunity to take photos. Last week my good friends, Randy and Debbie Bullock, arrived back in Oradea. One of their interns (Amanda from Florida) is an aspiring OT student, so this past Tuesday she joined me for a day in Tinca. Riding out to Tinca with Randy, I mentioned that I had wanted to take pictures of the sunflowers. So on Wednesday morning, Randy, Debbie, their 3 interns (Amanda, Lacie and Amanda), 2 of their Romanian workers & I piled into their van and drove out to some of the fields on the border of Oradea so I could finally take these pictures. Unfortunately, the sun was shining down with some major intensity so I am squinting in all of the photos!

Jenny, my new roommate (I moved into her apt when we returned from Bucharest) also came out to Tinca on Tuesday to help me with Viorel. Sadly, the foundation still has not found a suitable kinetotherapist (PT) since Ciprian resigned in May. So for the past 3 weeks I have been doing all the therapy(ugh..)! Jenny was able to train the house parents and the house workers on some stretching exercises for Viorel's legs. Thankfully, the staff was very receptive, especially since Jenny is creating a program for them to follow. This will help me have more time to focus on increasing his hand use and for making adaptations for his self-help skills (I know more OT lingo!). Oh, and Amanda enjoyed Tinca so much that she is joining me again next Wednesday!

Tomorrow I am heading to Cluj where I will be staying with the Maury family (yea!). I am excited to see them again and also to be able to attend services at Calvary Chapel Cluj! On Monday and Tuesday I will be working with Ciprian, the former kinetotherapist in Tinca, before heading back to Oradea Tuesday evening. Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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Dorci Harris said...

Dawn you are like a beautiful sunflower amongst the sea of sunflowers!