Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rehab Center and Hospital Visits

Yesterday I decided to take a day off from Tinca as I needed to touch base with Dora at the rehab center (former orphanage). It was so great to see the changes in many of the children. Illona is now walking with only a little hand-held support and Maria is practically running! In addition to the children in the small group homes, Dora also sees children from families. Recently she started working with one of the little boys I know with autism. Dominik has some challenging behaviors, so I spent the session showing her and Cristi (the psychologist) how I have worked with him successfully in the past. I also got to work with Kincso, a little girl whom I have known for the past 3 years. She has changed so much since I saw her last year and is now speaking in both Romanian and Hungarian. She loves her new wheelchair and is trying to learn to wheel it all by herself!
Kincso is all smiles!
Due to some of the children being gone for summer vacations, Dora and I had a 2 hour break. This ended up being a great blessing as it allowed us enough time to go to the Children's Hospital for me to check in on the children and the workers. As always, Mia, Dorina and Rodica welcomed me with open arms. There are now 12 children on the "genetic unit". I primarily worked with Rodica on positioning Soledad and then fed Levente . Exciting news: Levente is now eating with a spoon! No more bottles, yea!

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