Sunday, June 29, 2008

Adorable Abel

After sharing with you all the story of Abel and "staying out in the sun too long", I decided I should post a picture of this adorable 5 year old! I have known Abel since he was just a little baby as he was in CPI (the orphanage) when I was still living here full-time. Abel was our only child on the baby unit who was completely normal, but yet he ended up in CPI just because he was a gypsy and no foster home was found. So it was much to my delight when I was told that Romanian Relief had rescued him! Abel now attends gradinita (like our preschool/kindergarten) along with Miha and Iosif's natural daughter, Iasmina Bianca. Although he is making physical and cognitive progress by leaps and bounds, this precious little boy so needs our prayers for emotional healing. He has lots of attachment issues which make dealing with his behavior quite challenging. Please pray for Alina, our psychologist, to have wisdom in working with him and also for the other staff to have increased patience. Above all, pray that he will experience the supernatural love that only our Saviour can provide. Praise God that Abel truly is one of Abba's Kids!
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Anonymous said...

This little guy certainly is adorable! I hope and pray he will grow up and know the Lord.