Friday, March 28, 2008


With much anticipation, I arose on Tuesday morning and prepared to go to Tinca by bus. Emma, one of the founders of Romanian Relief (the British charity I am working with), called me on Monday night and told me that their kinetotherapist would look for me at the stop by the police station at 7:00 a.m. So I left my apartment at 6:40 a.m. just to be sure I would have ample time. I wasn't certain of the stop as there are no marked bus stops. So to be sure, I asked an elderly woman who told me I should cross the street and wait by the petrol (gas) station. I waited. And waited. It started to snow, and yet I waited. Finally at 7:30 I came back to the apartment and called Alina, the foundation's psychologist, only to discover I was indeed at the wrong place! Because of the timing of the next bus, Alina suggested I wait until Wednesday to oome, which was a bit disappointing. Wednesday morning, Emma and Sarah took me to Tinca by car as they were going there to celebrate Dorina's (one of the little girls) birthday. Emma and I chatted the entire way, discussing the children and their needs. I was so excited to see Emma again and was so looking forward to spending time with her. But after being here for 7 consecutive years(she was only 19 when she came), she is moving back to England this Monday. Emma became a Christian while living here in Romania, but her family is not saved. Please pray for her as she says goodbye to the children here and readjusts to life in the U.K.

With my newfound knowledge of bus stops, I returned to Tinca today(Friday) without any difficulty. Since Alina and Ciprian (the therapist)were in Oradea today attending a course, I was able to play with the children in the "top house" and began assessing Maria and Cristina. Cristina has made so much progress and is now walking and talking! (She is the child on the ball, and also with Emma). Maria (the other child in the pictures) has many autistic-like tendencies, but I am hopeful she will also make great progress. After just 1 session, she demonstrated increased eye contact and even smiled (as evident in the picture)!

In addition to going to Tinca, I began working at the rehab center (in the former orphanage building) this week. It was so wonderful to see some of the children I have known for the past 8-9 years, especially my Erika and Sandor, and to collaborate with Dora (the woman I helped train to work with the kids). Because of legalities, I can't post pictures of the children under the care of Child Protection, but I will try to "paint" pictures via stories.

Thank you all for your emails, encouragment and continued prayers. Keep them coming!

Because of Him,

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