Friday, March 28, 2008

Hungarian Easter Sunday: Mivel O El

Mivel O El (mee-vel ooh yale): Because He Lives! Last Sunday the Hungarians here in Romania celebrated Resurrection Sunday so I chose to spend the day with my Hungarian-Romanian friends. Sunday morning I went to church with Monika and her family. Thankfully Monika's brother-in-law, Laszlo, translated the teaching for me so I was able to follow along. After church I went to have Sunday lunch at the Vari's. The Vari family is Romanian and will celebrate Easter the last Sunday in April. However, knowing that it was Easter in the U.S., Florica prepared special dishes (including the traditional red eggs) just for me! Brenna can attest that the typical Sunday meal is a quite the feast, but this was even more. Later in the evening, Denisa's (Milagros) adoptive father, Iuliu Mate, came to Oradea to pick me up and take me to their home in Biharia. Lucia and Iuliu had not told Denisa I was coming as they wanted to see her reaction. When we arrived, Denisa opened the door and said ,"Caio Dawn!" and then wanted me to come play with her and her brother Adam. The Mate's adopted Adam (Denisa's natural brother) this past December as he was also abandoned and was living in a placement center. Adam and I quickly established rapport! I was able to do a little testing on both of the children and then discussed the findings with the Mate's. Denisa is still fearful with certain movement and Adam has speech and fine motor delays, but in time and with their parents help they will both make great progress. Oh, Denisa was quite upset that I did not bring my nieces to play with her! We tried to explain that they are in the U.S., but she doesn't yet understand the distance and could not be convinced. We had a wonderful visit, but after 4 hours of speaking only Romanian and Hungarian, I was mentally drained. Unfortunately, the weather was too cold (with a light snow shower) for Denisa to wear the Easter dress my mom bought for her, but she was delighted to receive it.

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