Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 3rd-June 9th: Oradea, Romania

On Sunday afternoon Viki's father drove me to Fehergyarmat so I could catch the train to Debrecen, Hungary. I was tired and back in my same old clothes, now for the 5th day. Yet, once I arrived at the train station and saw my friend Adela's husband Dan waiting for me, I immediately felt relieved, knowing I would be "home" in Romania in just an hour. I was a little disappointed Ramona's husband, Cornel, was not there as I had been expecting him. However, upon walking toward the car, Cornel came out to greet me! But the surprise didn't end there. Adela and Ramona jumped up to greet me and then I saw my sweet Romanian niece, Hannah-Ruth, and my nephews, Iosua and Luca. Unfortunately, Abigail could not come as she does not have a passport. I call them my nieces and nephews because their moms have been my Romanian sisters for 14 years now.

I was able to have some quality time with my dear sister in Christ, Lucia, her husband, children, sister and my Romanian parents "mami" and "tati" as I stayed with them for my first 3 nights. I was also blessed to have special time with my dear friend Monika, her daughter Hanna and my friends Dora and Carmen.  Carmen graciously invited me to stay with her family during my remaining time in Oradea. On Thursday afternoon I was able to visit  Fundatia CASA, the Christian ministry I partnered with when I first lived in Oradea, and partake in their prayer time. Thursday night, we chose to have "home church" at Ramona and Cornel's home. We shared a delicious meal, read scripture, prayed and sang old hymns in Romanian. It was especially sweet to sing The Old Rugged Cross as this was my grandfather's favorite hymn.
The Feher Clan: Ramona, Iosua, Hannah, me, Luca, Adela and Abigail

Mami and Tati with Lucia's son Fineas

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