Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dress A Girl Around the World: Nojorid and Calatele, Romania 2011

Before coming to Romania, I was contacted by a dear friend, Rachel Eggum Cinader about bringing over some dresses from her organization Dress A Girl Around the World. I met Rachel on a Hope 4 Kids International missions trip to Romania in 2005 (some of you may remember I first came to Romania under H4KI). Rachel is the sister of H4KI's founder, Tom Eggum, and has made such an impact on the women in Uganda through Hope 4 Women International (H4WI) as well as on the lives of so many little girls through her Dress A Girl Around the World campaign. Rachel was so generous in entrusting me to deliver over 50 dresses to some gypsy children in Romania. As you can see from the photos, the girls are just adorable in their homemade dresses! Thank you Rachel and to all of the women who sewed these dresses. If you would like information on how you can get involved in this great cause, please read more at

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