Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sancraiu: June 2 - June 6 2011

Kayla and I traveled to Sancraiu via train to visit with the Hagiu family and attend “adunare” (church gatherings) in the gypsy villages of Calatele and Sacuieu. It was so good to spend time with Nicu and Silvana, praying together and encouraging one another. This year has been especially difficult for them, particularly in Sacuieu. Many of the gypsies who were coming to the church have not only rejected the gospel, but also Nicu and Silvana. They believe their lives were much better before they came to church and have chosen to return to a life of stealing, drinking, deception and violence. Many of the women are asking Silvana, “Why are you still coming? Don’t you see no one wants you here, that no one wants to become a Christian?” But Silvana and Nicu believe God has called them to stay there, so that is what they intend to do. To see such perseverance despite the persecution they are enduring is a testimony of their dedication. When we visited Sacuieu on Sunday, we had about 20 children attend children’s worship, but then no adults came. We began to pray for the village and Nicu was about to begin teaching in English for Kayla and I. While Kayla was leading us in worship, several of the children returned and then Baba Lucretia, Lina and Crina came.

Baba Lina, Kayla, and Baba Lucretia

Children's worship, Sacuieu

A view from the church, Sacuieu

The situation in Calatele is somewhat better as Fery, Basca and Danut remain faithful. Sadly, Mircea and his family left for Germany where they will likely beg for a living. When we arrived on Thursday, Silvana informed me that Danut’s daughter Alina was to be married that weekend. Alina is 17 which is considered old for marriage. Danut had tried to wait as long as possible, but many gypsies were insisting on buying her for their sons. In a culture where selling your daughter is profitable, Danut chose to decline any money, and instead asked the family only that his daughter be treated well. Thankfully, we were able to visit with Danut’s family and pray for Alina on Friday night. I loved getting to introduce Kayla to this very special family.

Dawn and Marinela

Danut's family

Nicu is now helping with the youth service at a Pentecostal church in Huedin on Saturday nights and has also been asked to do some of the preaching on Sunday evenings. While we were in Sancraiu, Nicu invited Kayla to attend a youth meeting with him and Leo (Nicu and Silvana’s son). Kayla was able to play guitar while the youth practiced their songs for the Sunday evening service. On Sunday evening, I was asked to give my testimony and Kayla was asked to sing. Silvana and I noticed many of the women weeping as Kayla sang Amazing Grace.

Naomi translated my testimony

Kayla leading worship

The Hagiu family (Leo, Silvana, Nicu, and Naomi)


Margaret said...

you are positively touching so many lives and doing interesting things.....bless you! Thanks for sharing.

Alice said...

We miss you Dawn, have fun with Jenny and stay safe.